Ornaty/ Chasubles from 2007


Every chasuble is made of textile in one of liturgical colors (white, gold – holidays, marriage, baptism etc.; purple – Lent, Advent, funeral; red – Good Friday, martyrs’ holidays; green – common liturgical year).

The motifs on chasubles refer to specific moment in liturgical year or have general religious meaning.

LABYRYNTH CROSS/ KRZYŻ LABIYNT – gold chasuble; pre-Christian motif taken by Christianity. The labyrinth is a symbol of life’s way and of the inner spiritual searching.

Katarzyna Hołda, ornat krzyz-labirynt mini

Katarzyna Hołda, ornat krzyż-labirynt mini

MADONNA GIVING BIRTH/ RODZĄCA MADONNA – white chasuble (Christmas, marriage, baptism)

Katarzyna Hołda, ornat Rodząca Madonna

DANCE MACABRE/ TANIEC ŚMIERCI – purple chasuble (Dance Macabre scene can also symbolize the cycle of dying and reborning.)

Katarzyna Hołda, ornat Taniec Śmierci, Dance Macabre Chasuble